GDBBS Awards Banquet 2018

The 8th Annual GDBBS Awards Banquet was held on April 18, 2018 at the Druid Hills Golf Club. Click here to download the event program.

Program Scholars of the Year

M. Edward Quach
Advisor: Renhao Li, PhD


Emily Summerbell
Advisor: Adam Marcus, PhD


Anna Knight
Advisor: Alicia Smith, PhD


Kevin Sia
Advisor: Jyothi Rengarajan, PhD


Kara Phipps
Advisor: Anice Lowen, PhD


Suzanne Mays
Advisor: Eric Ortlund, PhD


Erica Landis
Advisor: Machelle Pardue, PhD


Brent Allman
Advisor: Katia Koelle, PhD

Award Recipients

Graduate Career Award
Kendra Quicke, MMG
Advisor: Mehul Suthar, PhD


Student Teaching Award
Nick Johnson, PBEE
Advisor: Karen Conneely, PhD


Career Teaching Award
Alynda Wood, NS
Advisor: Sam Sober, PhD


Student Leadership Award
Sarah Connolly, IMP
Advisor: Eric Hunter, PhD


Outreach/Community Service Award
Archana Venkataraman, NS
Advisor: Brian Dias, PhD


Student Mentor Award
Anna Knight, GMB
Advisor: Alicia Smith, PhD


Faculty Mentor Award
Nicole Gerardo, PhD
PBEE Program


Distinguished Alumnus Award
Khaled Machaca, PhD
(CDB Grad, 1996)
Advisor: Steven L’Hernault, PhD

Khaled Machaca is Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Weill Cornell Medicine and has serves as Associate Dean for Research for the Qatar campus. In that capacity he oversees the academic, financial, operational, and compliance aspects of the research department, which encompasses 25 active labs and over 200 staff. He also serves as the institutional official overseeing the animal research program and as the director of the imaging core. He leads and serves on multiple institutional, national, and international committees.


The Machaca Lab is interested in intracellular signaling processes under physiological and pathological conditions with a focus on calcium signaling. The goal is to better define these signaling pathway at the cellular and molecular levels to better define the underlying biology and identify potential therapeutic targets in various disease states. Our interest is focused on cell cycle regulation in the context of cancer, hypertension, and immune cell activation. Work from the Machaca Lab has been published in leading biomedical journals and garnered extramural funding from NIH and the Qatar National Research Fund. Khaled serves on editorial boards, reviews widely for scientific journals, and has an extensive track record of training students and postdoctoral fellows.

Awardee Profiles

Click image to view the profiles of the 2018 GDBBS Awards Banquet Award Recipients.