DSAC Student Research Symposium 2020


The 17th Annual DSAC Student Research Symposium was held on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, in the Cox Hall Ballroom.

Flyer for 17th annual Student Research Symposium with order of events from 8 am until 7 pm

Presentation Winners

ICI Image Contest

1st Place: Technical Cell - "Paving the Way", Emily Summerbell, Marcus Lab, CB

1st Place: Technical Non-Cell - "Memory Lane", Daniel Lustberg, Weinshenker Lab, MSP

1st Place: Artistic - "Ribosome Zone", Pooja Srinivas, Dunham Lab, MSP

1st Place: Nature - "Virginia Basin", Xingwen Loy, Brosi Lab, PBEE

1st Place: Video - "Swordfish", Stephanie Pollitt, Zheng Lab, NS

Most Aesthetically Pleasing Poster, Samantha Lanjewar, GMB


1st Place Poster: Tala Khatib, BCDB

2nd Place Poster: Bre Shelton, GMB

3rd Place Poster: Michelle Johnson, NS


1st Place Talk: Amanda Smith, GMB

2nd Place Talk: Raven Peterson, BCDB

3rd Place Talk: Beverly Robinson, GMB