Program Budgets

Program Administrative Budgets

Each Program is allocated an administrative budget. Currently the allocation is $250 per student enrolled in the Program.

Program Recruitment Budgets

In addition to the core administrative budgets each program receives a recruiting budget. Each Program is allocated $1,250 per slot allocated (e.g., 5 slots allocated = $6,250 recruitment budget). Slot allocations are not made until the official university budget is released each year, usually in mid-February.

To facilitate the use of the Emory Conference Center the GDBBS will provide an extra $100 per slot for any program that utilizes the Emory Conference Center for the interview weekend.

Program Expenditures (Signature and Approval Process)

Accounts Payable, Office of Disbursements requires that all payment requests must be routed through the Division office for signature. 

Deficits in the Program Budget

When a Program budget is overdrawn at the end of any academic year, the following year's budget is reduced by the amount of the overage.

Surpluses in the Program Budget

When a Program Administrative Budget has a balance at the end of any academic year, up to $3,000 will be added to the following year's budget. For any amount in excess of $3,000 the program may request that the excess be carried over. A written request with a justification of how excess funds will be expended must be submitted to the Director of the GDBBS for approval.