Teaching Assistant Training (TATTO)

Emory's Teaching Assistant Training (TATTO) program is a degree requirement for all PhD students. It is a graduated experience that introduces graduate students to teaching in a graduated manner. The TATTO program provide graduate students with credible training and optimal teaching experience, while ensuring that they are not overtaxed with teaching responsibilities.

The Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences requires each student to complete three of the four TATTO Stages within their first and second year in the program.

  1. TATTO 600 is the first stage of TATTO and is a short course offered in late summer, before the fall semester begins. It should be taken immediately prior to a student’s first teaching experience.
  2. Program Experience in “Teaching in Biosciences”
  3. TATTO 605 requires students to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TATTO 605) for at least one semester during their graduate career, usually during the second year.

You can find additional information about the Laney Graduate School’s TATTO program here.

Requesting a GDBBS Teaching Assistant

Students that will be completing their TATTO 605 requirement will identify a Teaching Assistantship position through the courses listed on the GDBBS TATTO spreadsheet that is updated each term. Please contact the Assistant Director of Student Affairs if you would like your course listed on the spreadsheet.